Whiskey eyes gone in 60 seconds

...You have a meeting in an hour, and you realised you had one glass too much last night. Here's how you get rid of 'whiskey eyes' in 60 seconds. 

Step 1

Splash your face in cold water, this helps to quickly reduce swollen and tired eyes. You have 50 seconds remaining. 

Step 2

Use your daily face moisturizer or eye treatment. Don't use too much, oily skin can look unhealthy and unnatural. Let it sink in for a few seconds; you now have 30 seconds remaining. 

Step 3

Use MAN-UP Concealer Stick to cover dark circles and any red spots that might have occurred during your short, not beauty sleep. Apply gently using fingertips. Avoid circular motions or pressure as blood flow can cause more swelling and redness.

Off you go. Good luck at your meeting!



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