It was not a coincidence I ended up in this industry. One of many sleepless nights, when my brain is working at its best, I wrote down an idea that became reality within just a few weeks. My name is David Ron and together with co-founder Jenny Rydhström, founder & owner of online lifestyle warehouse Gents.com, we naturally started MAN-UP for men.

As a Creative Director in the fashion industry, it is mandatory to leave the best impact on the people we meet. My experience has taught me that I must look sharp and vital so possibilities and prosperities is not to be missed. MAN-UP offers a men's platform where men can feel masculine while also receive expertise needed to solve facial errors like, dark circles or red spots.

Our products are easy-to-use and made for a natural look. You as a customer should feel comfortable when using MAN-UP.

Yours sincerely,
David Ron & Jenny Rydhström
Founders of MAN-UP
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