"Your Eyes Tell the Story" Why you should consider MAN-UP

"Your Eyes Tell the Story" Why you should consider MAN-UP

The stigma between Men and Make-up should have disappeared long ago. Hopefully, David Bowie's global imprint has taken root in the man's openness to his appearance. For the public man, he is guaranteed to pay a fair amount of money for the hair and face to be fixed before he enters the spotlight.

To start the conversation about makeup, we need to start by asking ourselves why? Makeup works as a tool to quickly freshen up your look. "No-makeup" makeup should not be visible but emphasise a healthy look. How to do it through 5 simple "no-brainer" steps.

1. Moisturise

A primer is usually an uncoloured gel or cream that evens out and prepares the skin. The product also lasts longer if it is allowed to sit on a primer.

2. Concealer

A concealer, just as it sounds, hides phenomena that can be perceived as stale. Dark circles under the eyes and any redness, such as pimples, vessels or redness. Our Concealer Stick comes in 5 different shades and are easy to apply. No mess.

3. Translucent Powder

If you have an oily or shiny skin type use powder to mattify. It can also be used to set the concealer for full day.

4. Eyebrows

There are a few different ways to end a makeup routine. Recently, many men appreciate applying an Eyebrow Gel. It collects the straws in place and gives a charismatic shine.
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